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29 November 2013 @ 03:30 pm
Title: We Learned the Sea

Rating: Teen first two chapters; Adult for the third
Characters: The Doctor (10th), Rose Tyler
Genres: Fluff, Angst, Romance, Introspection, Sharing a Bed, Humor
Summary: Rose has been acting distant since their experiences in the parallel world, so the Doctor takes her to a seaside town on a terraformed planet, where he confronts some of his biggest fears, epitomized in the form of a heart-shaped bed.
Word count: 15928
Chapters: 3
Spoilers up through the Age of Steel

Beta: re-sile

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Read More on Teaspoon or AO3 (also on fanfic.net now under tkross)

29 November 2013 @ 03:24 pm

It's been forever since I've posted to this journal, but I haven't forgotten about it.  It's just been very busy!! (And yes, I'm spending more time on tumblr).

Title: It’s Penance
Rating: Teen, but some very mild explicit content and language near the end
Characters: The Doctor (10th), Rose Tyler, Mickey Smith. Mentions of the Ninth Doctor and DI Alec Hardy
Genres: Humor, Romance, Fluff, Very mild angst
Summary: Rose watches Broadchurch with the Doctor and Mickey and it leads to misunderstandings, arguments, and eventual confessions.

Word count: 3129
Chapters: 1/1

Notes: I wrote this fic for WhoInWhoville’s birthday. Not beta'd since I wanted to get it posted quickly...


“Oh come on! You really haven’t noticed? Either of you?” At their blank looks, he continued. “This is just too good.” Mickey started chuckling to himself. “Well first of all, there’s the fact that he’s all tortured and mysterious and older than you are. Plus he’s grumpy as hell and right rude with all his clever one-liners. Just the sort of bloke you’d fancy these days.” He paused for effect. “And that’s not even bringing in the most obvious reason of the lot.”

“You have no idea what you’re talking about Mickey. I’ve never fancied anyone like that,” Rose said in a tone that was much calmer than she felt. She didn’t appreciate being made into a joke and also didn’t understand why it was such a big deal that she thought a television actor was attractive.

The Doctor cleared his throat and rubbed at the back of his neck so hard that Rose was sure there would be red marks. “I’ll just leave you two to your domestic. I have some TARDIS repairs that I could –“

“Oh no you don’t boss! This is about you too,” Mickey said, pointing at him with a smug grin. He seemed to be enjoying the argument a little too much

Read more at Teaspoon (also on ao3 and fanfic.net under tkross)

04 September 2013 @ 10:28 am
Title: The Shining Star
Rating: Teen, but some slightly explicit content and language near the end
Characters: The Doctor (10th), Rose Tyler, The TARDIS
Genres: Humor, Romance, Fluff
Summary: The Doctor meets his most challenging adversary in the form of a psychic ceramic coffee cup. Will he be able to dispose of it before Rose finds out his innermost thoughts and feelings?
Word count: 4243
Chapters: 1/1

Notes: I wrote this fic for fogsblue and spookyknight as an extremely belated birthday gift.
Also written for littlewhomouse, who provided me with the photo prompt and requested a story - so basically I'm really lazy and wrote one story for 3 separate people ;-)

Thanks to lastincurableromantic/lir1983 for her time and effort as a fabulous beta for this!

The Doctor averted his eyes, wondering if he could successfully propel the cup behind his back, into the incinerator, from his current position. “Of course, I knew that you’d notice! I always say, ‘that Rose Tyler is an impeccable noticer! She’s a regular Sherlock, she is.’ Tell that to everyone I meet - just ask around.”

Rose lifted her left eyebrow and then quickly reached behind the Doctor to make a grab for the cup just as he was about to throw it.

“Ha!” she said, grabbing onto it. But the Doctor was quicker. His grip on the cup tightened, beginning a tug of war between them that he would have found impressive, if not for the pervasive fear he felt of what she might find written on the cup should she win. He jerked her into his body, trying to gain the advantage, and was proud to see the resulting flush to her cheeks. He smirked.

“Take that!” he yelled with a manic grin, because victory seemed a certainty.

Cut to Teaspoon Or if you prefer AO3
thanks for reading :)

(no idea why it chose this particular still as the cover)
Hello LJ! It's been a busy Summer so I haven't been on much but I still want to share this video that I made with all of you.

Happy (belated) birthday to silverlunarstar!!

Doctor/Rose (9 & 10) fan video

"The Promise" (by When in Rome)

Lyrics can be found here if you need them

A mostly angst free video (the lyrics call for some) since no one should be sad on their birthday! (or the night after their birthday…)

Disclaimer: This is my first fan video and also my first time using IMovie (I edited on the expensive stuff in College). Some of the clips aren’t great quality due to limited availability, and my lack of knowledge of how to download such things ;).  I faded the song out a little early because it just repeated the chorus again twice and, honestly, I couldn’t fill those words another time!

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08 July 2013 @ 03:13 pm
Post Doomsday Reunion Fic Recs!

So you (and the Doctor & Rose) can go from this:

Ten Doomsday White Wall

To this:

10 rose SE ten smile run
(just pretend this ends with a nice, long snog)

I can't even think about this episode without feeling overwhelmingly sad, so I certainly can't celebrate it's anniversary without reading some reunion or fix-it stories. Hey, what is the purpose of fan fiction, if it doesn't occasionally allow me to live in a non-canon fantasy world? ;) (yes, I am well aware of the many other purposes it serves). This is a very small sampling of my favorites, and I am not including multi-fic series, works in progress, or stories that include a lot of angst. Please feel free to add your own recs! I am always looking for more to read in this category.
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12 May 2013 @ 03:18 pm
Since this is actually the first episode of Doctor Who that I have watched the same night it aired (I AM FINALLY CAUGHT UP WOO HOO), I decided to share my thoughts with all of you. I know you were dying to know what they are ;).

Overall, I enjoyed it but it was also a little disappointing. That's the problem with asking a talented and imaginative genius like Neil Gaiman to write an episode of Doctor Who though isn't it? Expectations are always going to be high, and with the success of The Doctor's Wife, they were even higher. I just read that the script for this was cut down so I won't blame Neil for the shoddy characterization and set up of the kids (that photo thing at the end of CH felt really contrived).

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05 May 2013 @ 10:53 am
This was tweeted from her official account earlier today:
Good Evening! On Friday the 10th of May Billie will be answering YOUR questions from 7pm - 8pm! Get your questions ready using #AskBillie (this is only her second tweet ever).

She never does this kind of thing and has talked about her lack of internet and computer experience quite a few times (my understanding is that she only created a twitter account in the first place to debunk all the fake accounts that kept springing up). I wonder what prompted her to do a Q&A...I'm excited about it but nervous for her. Hopefully people keep things respectful or someone sorts through the questions first, because there are a lot of idiots and assholes on the internet. I suppose she won't be able to answer any questions about the 50th unless they are very vague. I assume they mean 7-8 PM in England, so I'm going to have to clear out my late morning schedule ;).
I FINALLY finished S6 of Doctor Who last night! Whew. It only took me about 6 months. Now if I could just make sense of what I watched...Anyone care to explain it to me? Because my brain is in a bit of a fog about the finale, The Wedding of River Song. It didn't help that netflix was being a bitch and re-starting every five minutes (probably because hubby was watching something else at the same time).
I know Doctor Who isn’t generally big on explanations about how certain things are possible in the episodes, but so much about this one is making me go, “WHAT?! huh? how? um, okay I think I understand? Maybe? Oh wait, no I don’t.” Normally, I’d just re-watch it but I have about 10 more episodes to get through before I catch up as it is (and have very limited tv time).
There is a very large gap between when I watched The Impossible Astronaut and The Wedding of River Song so that could be part of why I am so confused (though I do think a lot of the fault lies with Moffat’s convoluted plot). I felt sort of disconnected from the show so I hadn’t been motivated to catch up until recently. I’m having trouble formulating specific questions (though I do have a few). Perhaps if I just tell you what I do think I understand, maybe you can enlighten me about what I don't and where I am completely off the mark?
Rose Cassandra wink

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Do you ever find yourself wishing that you had a handy telepath around that could remove certain memories? Nothing big of course, but little things like the accidental discovery of the Broadchurch killer before you even had a chance to watch the first episode? Despite my best efforts (blocking tags, avoiding websites etc), I just happened upon it earlier today.

Now this is me:

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Happy Birthday to David Tennant! Even my two kids (age 3 and 6) wanted to celebrate today. Read more...Collapse )